Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Quosera.

General FAQs

  • What is Quosera?

    Quosera is a web based platform to help you create question and answer communities like Quora and Stackoverflow. It is also ideal for educational and research institutes as they can setup private discussion/Q&A forums with support for TeX and MathML.

  • Is there a demo available?

    Yes. Visit the demo site by clicking here.

  • Does Quosera have all the features of Quora?

    No. And it'll probably never have all the features Quora has simply due to the fact that Quora is a multi-million dollar funded startup with a brilliant team of developers and designers. They come up with new features very often which makes it very difficult to keep up with them.

    Having said that, we have tried to implement all core features of Quora and plan to update Quosera with new Quora features after collecting feedback from our clients.

    Further, Quosera has some features which even Quora lacks (as on 1st June, 2016). For example, Quosera allows users to sort answers by votes and date which makes it more transparent compared to Quora.

  • What is Quosera built on?

    Quosera is built on top of high performance Yii2 framework and MySQL database in a clean M-V-C architecture.

  • How does the support works?

    When you subscribe to a plan, we setup an account for you on our support portal where you can create support tickets. We endeavour to respond to all support tickets at the earliest possible (typically in less than 2 working hours).

  • What are your business hours?

    Support team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM IST to 7 PM IST. For any critical issue, extended support is available during weekends and after 7 PM IST.

  • I will need a logo along with Quosera. Do you provide logo design services?

    Absolutely. If you require custom logo design services then you can try services of our network site You can also try our free logo maker.

Subscription/Membership FAQs

  • I am interested. What now?

    You need to subscribe to a plan as per your requirements from available plans. Once you make the payment, you'll be able to download the software from customer portal. We encourage you to go through our terms of service before you place the order.

  • I have purchased Quosera but I don't know how to install it. Can you help?

    Sure. All plans come with free installation. Please raise a support ticket from customer portal for installation and we will install it for you.

  • Why do I need SMTP? From where can I get it?

    SMTP is needed to send transactional emails such us user welcome, email verification, notification on new answer or message etc. Without email sending capabilities, Quosera cannot work properly.

    We recommend using Mailjet which has a free plan for sending 6000 emails per month (200 emails a day). It's good enough to get started and they have reasonably priced plans if you need to upgrade in future.

  • What are the server requirements for installing Quosera?

    Below are the server requirements for Quosera.

    • PHP version 5.6
    • MySQL version >= 5.6 (InnoDB FULLTEXT support)
    • Imagick Support
    • PDO Support
    • OpenSSL Support
    • expose_php and allow_url_include disabled
    • ionCube Loaders (For Standard and Pro versions)

  • Which files are encrypted in Standard and Pro versions? Does that mean I can't customize the application?

    In Pro version, only 2 files are encrypted for licensing purpose and they do not stop you from customizing the application in any way at all. You can make any kind of customization, e.g. adding new features, design edits or anything else.

    Standard version has all core backend files encrypted however design files are open source so you can customize the design without any issues. However you won't be able to add any new features since that requires access to backend code.

    Enterprise version comes with 100% open source code and we require a code confidentiality NDA to prevent any possible misuse.

  • I need to maintain a test/development installation along with live site on a different domain. Is it possible?

    Yes. Single domain support is meant for live/prduction site. We do provide additional (second) license for development/test purpose on need basis, at no extra cost. However you cannot have two or more live/production sites unless you have purchased multiple licences.

Payment FAQs

  • Which payment options do you support?

    Currently we process subscription payments via Paypal and support payments via Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover credit and debit cards.

  • Can I request a refund?

    We do not offer refunds and strongly recommened you to try Quosera demo before you subscribe to our plans. Also, please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions which aren't answered in the FAQ.